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Rite of Flame [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Sorcery Rarity: Common Cost: {R} Add {R}{R} to your mana pool, then add {R} to your mana pool for each card named Rite of Flame in each graveyard. Deep beneath the ice, beneath the soil and the rock, Dominaria's fire still burned hot.
Fury of the Horde [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Sorcery Rarity: Rare Cost: {5}{R}{R}
Into the North [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Sorcery Rarity: Common Cost: {1}{G} Search your library for a snow land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library. "Our border lands fall under the grip of Heidar's second winter. Go forth and reclaim them for Yavimaya." —Kaysa, elder druid of the Juniper Order
Adarkar Valkyrie [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Snow Creature — Angel Rarity: Rare Cost: {4}{W}{W} Flying, vigilance {T}: When target creature other than Adarkar Valkyrie dies this turn, return that card to the battlefield under your control. She doesn't escort the dead to the afterlife, but instead raises them to fight and die again.
Coldsteel Heart [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Snow Artifact Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {2} Coldsteel Heart enters the battlefield tapped. As Coldsteel Heart enters the battlefield, choose a color. {T}: Add one mana of the chosen color to your mana pool. The Phyrexian death machine awoke, its coldsteel heart imbuing it with sinister new power.
Lightning Storm [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Instant Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {1}{R}{R}
Mishra's Bauble [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Artifact Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {0} {T}, Sacrifice Mishra's Bauble: Look at the top card of target player's library. Draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep. "Arcum is a babbling fool! Phyrexian technology is our greatest blessing. Take this delightful trinket for instance . . ." —Heidar, Rimewind master
Commandeer [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Instant Rarity: Rare Cost: {5}{U}{U}
Tamanoa [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Creature — Spirit Rarity: Rare Cost: {R}{G}{W} Whenever a noncreature source you control deals damage, you gain that much life. When Freyalise spoke the World Spell, the tamanoa rose to bring a new morning to Terisiare.
Balduvian Rage [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Instant Rarity: Uncommon Cost: {X}{R} Target attacking creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn. Draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep. "Let your heartbeat be the thunder in the valley. Let your swords be the lightning on the peaks." —Lothar Lovisason, Balduvian chieftain
Rimewind Taskmage [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Creature — Human Wizard Rarity: Common Cost: {1}{U} {1}, {T}: You may tap or untap target permanent. Activate this ability only if you control four or more snow permanents. "Find solace in the sun? Burning, blinding, laying secrets bare? No, solace is found under the blanket of cold."
Frost Marsh [Coldsnap]
Set: Coldsnap Type: Snow Land Rarity: Uncommon Cost: Frost Marsh enters the battlefield tapped. {T}: Add {U} or {B} to your mana pool. "Now caged in Winter's bitter chill, Our people cry, their voices shrill— Eternal cold breaks down their will." —The Dynasty of Winter Kings